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Flight Control HD – 3D PS3 Game

Hmm, interesting one this, I’ve just downloaded and been playing Flight Control HD and it supports Native 3D!

Now it looks very lovely and all, but this isn’t really the sort of game you’d expect to come in full 3D, I mean, it’s a 2D game, hehehe…

In case you aren’t aware of the flight control series, here’s a vid, and you’ll get an idea of why 3D is a bizzare proposition for such a game.

The 3d is actually really impressive, the menus really pop out of the screen, the planes stay high in the sky and slowly descend upon landing, it’s all very nicely done. It does all feel a bit of a gimmick… however, I’m in two minds about whether that’s a good thing or not.

My initial reaction was that it’s a waste of time and it shouldnt be there, as it adds nothing to the gameplay, but when I switched back to 2D I was amazed by how flat everything felt, and realised that actually the brightly coloured simplistic visuals do lend themselves nicely to 3D (locoroco would be stunning!)

I also feel that it’s great that more games are supporting 3D, this kind of thing makes me think that in a year or so every game will have a 3D switch and  we can choose for ourselves how we want to play.

Anyway, another decent demo of 3D, but check out the game first as it’s an acquired taste, and better with PSMOVE than Dualshock.


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