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Super Stardust HD – PS3 3D Game

OK, so Super Stardust HD is one of my all time favourite games on PSN and I’m fairly competent at it (by the way my PSN ID is robwilliams feel free to friend me)

So I was really excited to see it come out in 3D via a free patch 🙂

It’s a sublime twin stick shooter, and the PS3s answer to Geometry Wars (which is best? I love them both)

Here’s a review

The 3D on this one get’s better the more you play, it’s very nicely done, although again, less relevant to gameplay than something like Motorstorm, where that sense of depth helps you play.

At the early stages stardust doesnt have much going on, just asteroids rolling about the place, but as the game progresses and on some of the extended modes such as endless, the 3D really shines, there’s no glare, it really gives a sense of you flying above the planet you are defending and there are a couple of really nice touches, when you die the explosion makes you jump back it comes so far out of the screen, hehe I died loads just to experience it again and again.

My only criticism would be that the 3D makes the game a little harder, as on later levels it’s easy to get overwhelmed in 2D nevermind when everythings flying out of the screen, but I suspect this will pass with a bit more practice 🙂

So, off to go practice some more before Tumble tomorrow!


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