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In order to begin my “Adventures in 3D”(tm) I required a few key ingredients…

My Sony 3DTV

Isn't she lovely

Firstly a 3D TV, now it’s no coincidence that if you are trying to write 3D and press the shift key a little to early you end up with ┬úD… these things are expensive.

I’m a gullible, geeky, early adopter who chose this over a holiday!

I opted for the Sony Bravia LX903 and would recommend it to anyone. Next on the list you need stuff to output in 3D to the telly. and here’s mine, albeit a little dusty…

My PS3, XBOX360, Wii

Other required equipment!

I have, in no particular order, a Sony PS3, Microsoft XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, and Apple TV…

And there you have it, you get two pairs of 3D glasses with the LX series, so i’m all set…

Let the “Adventures in 3D”(tm) begin!

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