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Watching 3D YouTube Videos on your 3DTV

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

While I wait for the PS3 Patch to allow me to watch 3D Blu-Rays, due in October, I’ve been looking around to see what else I could do with my 3DTV besides play games…

Well I had no idea that it was possible to watch videos in 3D on YouTube, but it is!

The Sony Bravia LX908, and many 3DTVs support a couple of ┬ácommon 3D Modes, namely “Side by Side” and “Over and Under” so, using my AppleTV I started searching YouTube.

I’ve found that Over and Under videos give a much more pleasurable viewing experience than Side by Side, so check out these particularly nice videos on your 3DTV in Over and Under mode…

And then get searching, and post any other great examples in the comments!



Invincible Tiger – PS3 & XBOX 3D Game

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So, hidden away in the murky depths of the Playstation Network Store and Xbox Live Arcade is an old school Karate 3D Beat em Up!

While not supporting the native 3D format of later Releases, it supports a range of 3D modes including one called “side by side” which is supported by the Sony Bravia 3DTV Range.

Switching the game to “side by side” and then selecting the mode on the TV, pop on your glasses and hey presto!

The game is a relativley simple, fun, beat em up with 2 player on screen co-op action.

Here’s a review for you.

The 3D effect is quite good, and adds quite a bit to the gameplay, although the fact that it’s not native 3D has quite an impact on the quality of the graphics as non native 3D isn’t displayed in HD, so it’s a bit blocky.

Also theres a bit of glare on the 3D, I don’t know what the technical term for this is, but on some 3D games parts of the image seem to shine, in quite an uncomfortable way. Better implemented 3D games display very little, or none of this effect.

All in all it’s a good little 3D demo for friends, and will appeal to people due to the co-op nature of the game, and the way friends can just pick up and play this simple button masher.


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